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Bottles Coated Glass Filter Coffee

Hello Guys!

Looks that way to hint how to make glass bottles discarded.

It can be used any type of glass bottle.

Here we use beer bottles long-neck and wine that are usually thrown away. As we delve much on the technique of using the coffee filter, made ​​some plays that were very LEGAL.

They lend an air of old taverns, especially if you use them as candleholders.

Remember that because they are glass bottles, you can keep "things" within them, without any problems.

Go here to hint at what to do and how:

01 - Bottle used discarded;
XX - Coffee filters used and dry. (For long-neck bottle goes around a third large filters);
White Glue;

Brush or brush to spread the glue.

With filters cleaned, cut into pieces;
Passing the adhesive surface of the bottle to be used;
Go gluing the pieces in the bottle.
And it's ready.

Simple, no?

Below are pictures of how the bottles after ready.

If you want to do the stitching, using fine brush, paint white and black.

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Bottles of Wine - Ready and natural

Long-Neck Bottles

Wine bottle


César H Zanatto
Bottles of wine

Long-neck bottles

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